Demonstration furnace at the University of Padova
Demonstration furnace at the University of Padova

The project performs a combination of numerical simulation, physical modeling, and demonstration experiments. The research activities are focused on all process steps as compaction, melting, purification and casting. Four strategic tasks will be considered:

  1. Controlling the fluid flow: The contaminant particles suspended in the silicon melt will be affected by the electromagnetically driven flow, transient drag, buoyancy, surface tension, turbulent fluctuations, evaporation, and the local electromagnetic pressure.
  2. Electromagnetic design and implementation: The achievement of optimized combinations of induction heating, electromagnetic stirring and electromagnetic separation is a challenging engineering task.
  3. Reclaiming silicon product: The existing proprietary compaction process has to be improved. The focus will be on decreasing the surface-to-volume ratio and the treatment of the very small size silicon particles. Upon completion of the pilot plant, compacted feedstock needed for crystallization experiments will be produced in the first test production cycle using the magnetic field treatment.
  4. Crystallization of silicon into ingot casts: Casting of the silicon ingots ready to be sliced into wafers will be done in the two independent facilities. Both will serve as demonstrators equipped with magnetic systems for controlling the fluid flow and the separation of impurities during crystallization under the influence of external force fields. The heating and melting will be achieved using the electromagnetic induction heating.


Dr. Sven Eckert

Project Coordinator

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