Feasibility study for side-coil system of Demonstrator II

Given the available space for the side-coil system determined by the geometry of the iDSS furnace available at the University of Padua, there will be hardly any option to install separate coil systems for heating, separation, and stirring. The existing design of the hot zone would further not allow to significantly increase the number of turns of the presently installed 6 single coils. The possibilities for a mechanically rugged coil system that conforms to the safety requirements for water-cooled copper pipes in the vicinity ot the hot silicon melt restricts the number of turns to 2. A first design of such a coil can be found in Deliverable 2.1.: Low-power model of the side-coil system .

Hence, to accomplish a magnetic field sufficiently strong for electromagnetic separation, this has to be realised with an accordingly high electric current. The feasibility of a single side-coil system capable of providing all 3 tasks of electromagnetic processing of materials, heating, stirring and separation, is thus determined by the capabilities of the power supply to be developed by the EAAT. Potential solutions including a brief discussion of the advantages and drawbacks of each of the possibilities are presented in the document below:

Feasibility study for side-coil system of Demonstrator II
Author : Martin Kroschk
Insititution: EAAT, Germany
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