Multimag at HZDR (HZDR/Rainer Weisflog)
Multimag at HZDR (HZDR/Rainer Weisflog)

The SIKELOR project aims at technologies that permit reuse of the majority of the silicon raw material from kerf loss. The main technological goal of the project consists in the development of an innovative process for silicon recycling comprising the following main steps:

  • Improved densification of the dry silicon powder without introducing cross-contamination.
  • Melting and purification of the separated silicon by electromagnetic processing.
  • Casting of poly-crystalline silicon blocks by directional solidification.

This process chain should be further developed up to a pilot plant production of the reclaimed silicon. Moreover, electromagnetically induced and/or influenced flow and solidification phenomena are far from being completely understood. It is a scientific goal of the project to gain more insight into these phenomena.


Dr. Sven Eckert

Project Coordinator

 +49 351 260 - 2132